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Client Testimonials

Howard and Lisa H. 

We wanted to write and thank you for the outstanding work you did on our new home at 923 Watercress Drive. My family and I have relocated many times and have had the opportunity to live in a number of different homes. We knew from the moment we walked into our new home that this one was different. The quality of construction was evident in all areas of the house. From the beautiful millwork to the upper and lower cold air returns, it was clear that your attention to detail was second to none.

Prior to closing, we chose to have the home inspected by a third-party inspector. I accompanied the inspector throughout the house, and he couldn’t say enough about the quality of workmanship. Many times he pointed out small details that I would have never appreciated – it is clear that you take great pride in building a quality home.

Since moving in, Lisa and I have had the opportunity to walk through many “tear downs” in the downtown Naperville area. Each time we come away very pleased with our choice and the lovely home you built!

We look forward to many happy years in our new home and thank you again for everything.

Mitch S.

Now that our basement remodel project is complete. I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy we are.

Stepping back for a minute, we have been very happy with the original home you built. In fact, the longer we live here, the more impressed we are. Nearly everyone that visits us comments on the obvious quality and detail of our home. However, since we bought it from you in 2004 as a finished product, we had not worked together during the construction phase.

With the recent basement project, I finally got to see you in action and I have a few observations for you:

  • You were extremely well organized.

  • There was activity nearly every day with no delays or gaps in progress.

  • Without exception, your subcontractors were punctual, courteous and conscientious.

  • You displayed a commitment to the success of the project

The sum of this is a very satisfied customer. In fact, based upon my prior experience with other contractors, I must admit that I went into the project accepting that there would be a certain amount of stress and anguish – amazingly, it never materialized.

If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me. Thanks again for a successful project.

Scott and Shanlene E. 

When we decided to buy a lot and build a house we had little experience, but big expectations. We also knew that everyone we talked to had some sort of horrible story about their own experiences with building a house. We went into the process with plenty of room for error and possible disappointment. Jeff Pawlowski from Monument Homes exceeded every possible expectation and built us the house of our dreams. We had no problems, no errors, and nothing even close to a disappointment. Jeff loves building houses, takes pride in every detail, and has the best sub-contractors working for him. No matter what time is was, if we had a question, Jeff was always available. We never had to deal with anyone else besides Jeff. He walked us through the entire process with understanding and professionalism.

Now that our house is completed, we are constantly complimented on how well the house looks and how solid it is built. We are so happy with the results and would do the entire process again with Jeff as our builder. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a builder. With all the different builders, contractors, and spec homes available, there isn’t a doubt in our mind that we chose the right one.

Eric and Allison L.

Allison and I wanted to take the time to write you this letter letting you know how much we love our home and what a pleasure it was to work with you. This is the third house Allison and I have built and I am happy to say this has been by far the best experience working with you. Simply put your dedication, work ethic, professionalism, skill and honesty truly separates you from the typical builder.

Though we had some challenges with the City of Wheaton, we were thankful we had chosen you as our builder to help us work through those issues. You constantly kept us up to date and maintained a positive and professional attitude through it all. You were able to calm our frustrations with the city and were available to answer our questions at any time. Jeff, we always felt that you welcomed our calls and it was as if we were the only home you were building. We can’t thank you enough for helping us through that!

It's always good to know that your builder is even pickier and is more of a perfectionist for details than yourself. Your eye for quality and detail is unparalleled. To us, this is just a reflection of the amount of pride you take in your work.

Needless to say Allison and I were ecstatic with how our house turned out! Your work exceeded our expectations! Jeff, if you ever need a reference just give them our phone number. We would be happy to show them our home so that they can see for themselves what a home built by you looks like. We would like nothing better than to help that person make the right choice in picking you as their builder!

Brad L.

This letter is to express our sincere thanks for the outstanding work that you did in renovating our home. Kathy and I could not be more satisfied with the construction process and even more importantly – the results. When we decided to update and expand our home in Hinsdale rather than relocate, we interviewed a range of builders, viewed prior projects that they had done and obtained multiple competitive bids. At the time, we thought you offered excellent value and that your work demonstrated a consistent commitment to quality.

Now with 20/20 hindsight, we realize we made the right choice. In addition to adding a new family room and completely remodeling our kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and laundry room, you took on projects that touched virtually every room in the house – literally from the basement to the attic. With every step of the process, we were pleased with your attention to detail and insistence upon quality workmanship. This attention was especially noteworthy in areas that others would neither be aware of nor think about. For example, you added a new attic access in our master closet because you recognized that the existing attic access located elsewhere was unsatisfactory. You installed extra installation and hidden vent to provide greater warm air circulation to the master bath so that we would avoid experiencing the problems we had in our bathroom with freezing pipes. Without our noticing the difference, you demanded that your tile contractor remove and replace some of the travertine marble on the shower floor because you thought the color differed noticeably from the rest of the floor. And “just in case”, you installed electric lights, extra ventilation and a floor drain in the crawl space beneath the room addition even though we had not asked for it and it was not required by our architect’s blueprints.

Similarly, you assembled an excellent group of subcontractors to perform every aspect of the work. We obviously got to know them quite well during the construction process, and we were impressed by their responsiveness to our requests, ability to suggest optimal solutions to the hidden problems inherent in remodeling an existing home and again most importantly - quality work and attention to detail.

Jeff, if we ever decide to build or remodel again, we will ask you to do the job. Our family, friends, and neighbors have been amazed by the transformation to our house. “Pleasant” is hardly an adjective one expects to use in describing a massive remodeling project, but our experience was excellent in working with you and we are thrilled with the results. Kathy and I would be pleased to serve as references to anyone considering you for their home building or remodeling projects. Thank you again.

Lisa G.

I write this letter as a recommendation for Jeff Pawlowski and Monument Homes. We found Jeff as we were looking for a contractor to rebuild our house after lightning had hit our roof and set it on fire. Along with replacing the roof, we had major water damage to the rest of the house, so it had to be taken down to the studs.

During the whole process, Jeff was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and listened to our needs. He took the time to answer any questions and talk about any requests we may have had. With such a daunting task of rebuilding our home, we were put at ease with frequent meetings and communication.

Monument Homes has truly exceeded our expectations. We knew that our house was going to look great at the end, but never in our dreams did we imagine that our house was going to look this amazing. We owe it all to Jeff and his team of subcontractors. We have only heard compliments from anyone who has come to see the house. The greatest compliment came from the mortgage-appointed inspector who was very impressed by the attention to detail and said this was one of the best houses he has seen put back together.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Monument Homes to anyone looking to build, repair, or update their home.

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us, Jeff! We are looking forward to enjoying our “new” home for many years to come!

Dean B.

On behalf of my family, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed working with you on our dream home. When we went through the bidding process and obtained several quotes yours stood out. Although it was a very competitive bid, the price alone was not what motivated us to choose Monument Homes. It was the sense of pride you exhibited in having the chance to work on the project. Our family got the sense that even with how busy you were, we would still feel like a priority. There are very few people across the industry that can pull that off when they are busy.

It would be my honor to showcase your work by inviting anyone considering to build into our home. I’m privileged to be able to walk people through the house and share with them how you and your subcontractors were a pleasure to work with. Many people come out of project like this happy it’s over and looking forward to not having to see their builder and his subcontractors again. We can proudly say we are not part of that majority.

For us, you didn’t just build a “house”, you created a “home” for our growing family to enjoy for generations to come.

Ingrid and Jeff E.

We would like to express our appreciation for all your work on the construction of our new home on Phillippa Street in Hinsdale. You know that our town is filled with teardowns and we are extremely pleased that we put our trust in you to build our home. Your hard work and dedication show in the final product. You made what could have been a challenging process very enjoyable.


Since the beginning of this project, you have been such an integral part of our home plan. Your input and guidance with our architect were invaluable as you brought a practical voice to the table. Your positive relationship with all your subcontractors showed. The subcontractors were punctual throughout the entire home construction ensuring that the project was completed on schedule. We truly appreciate how we could depend on you for meeting all target dates.

The craftsmanship and level of detail in our home are truly amazing. Please feel free to bring any potential new clients into our home to see your level of work. We are so proud of our lovely home and love to show others. We would recommend your home-building service to any new customers.

We look forward to making many memories in our new home and we have you to thank for it!

Tom G.

The selection of an experienced, reputable builder is ESSENTIAL. Interview several. Examine their building plan options. Visit any of their recent construction sites… including finished, occupied homes. Determine how busy the builder is with other projects.  Choose only an established, experienced builder! 

As a Realtor, I have had three excellent experiences with Monument Home Custom Builder. Jeff’s attention to detail, insistence on high-quality constructions using his experienced construction specialists, and decades of experience with municipal zoning and permit requirements significantly reduce the surprises and hassles that might otherwise crop up during the new build process.

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